December 7th, it was announced on Reshet Bet Israel Radio News broadcasts that elite Israeli combat units had spent a week in Cyprus training with local Cypriot military units. Ostensibly, the topography of Cyprus is similar to northern Israel and Lebanon. This would be good experience for Israeli soldiers in the event of a war with Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Without going too much into detail, various aspects of the training were discussed, all of which described possible scenarios in Lebanon, but reading between the lines I thought of Cyprus.

My relationship with Cyprus and Cypriots goes back to 1973 when I worked in the import-export department of a Jerusalem factory selling its products to Cyprus amongst many other countries. I befriended the Greek-Cypriot agent of this factory, a friendship which has lasted to this day, and also befriended his Turkish sub-contractor in the Turkish part of Nicosia.

I will never forget the phone call I received from my Greek friend after he escaped from his summer home in Kirenia on the northern shore of Cyprus. It was 5am, July 14th, 1974, and he had gotten up early to drink a glass of water. Looking out over the Mediterranean, he saw the Turkish fleet right there in front of his kitchen window! He immediately gathered up his wife and two children in their pajamas and scrambled to their car and started the quick drive back to Nicosia. They could see the Turkish paratroopers gliding down to earth right behind them. They made it out by the skin of their teeth. Many other Greek-Cypriots were summarily executed by the Turkish soldiers. (So what’s new?)

My visits to the divided island of Cyprus began in 1979. Turkey had ruled the island until 1878, when the English took it from them and installed the Greek Cypriots in power. The Turks want it all back. As a result of the 1974 invasion the Turks retook 40% of the island. The rest of the island is in their gunsights. My Cypriot friend told me: “It’s not if, but when” the Turks will come back to conquer the rest. Cypriots deposit their money not in Greece but in England, because Athens is too close to the Turkish border.

Now, my feeling about all of this, and I don’t hear this from anyone else, is that the Turks are preparing the takeover of the rest of the island soon, because of the Israeli discovery and exploitation of gas in the eastern Mediterranean. The Cypriots also have gas on their side of the demarcation line. The joint pipeline from Israel to Cyprus, Greece and Italy will be an unbelievable economic boon to all, and relieve Europe of its dependency on the Russian or Turkish pipelines.

I will never forget the pro-Arab policies of the Greek and Cypriot governments in the 1960’s until recently. God has been moving to bring the Greeks and Jews together and reverse those policies. Today Israel and the Greeks are allies!!!

The Turks are ready at any given moment to conquer the rest of the island by sending troops from Famagusta, the Turkish occupied parts of Nicosia and the north. Cyprus could be taken in a day or two by use of overwhelming Turkish force unless there is a powerful ally like Israel to back them up. I believe Israel will serve as the savior of Cyprus, but the Turks will definitely not be happy about this. Could this mean war with Turkey before, during or immediately after a war with Iran? Just listen to what Turkish President Erdogan says about Israel and the Jews. He hates Israel and the Jews, Christians and the West. It’s one of the reasons I created the Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc Party to run in Israeli Knesset elections.

God bless Shem and Japheth!!!