Covid-19 has had a major effect on the world these past 2 years, with many people sick, hospitalized, and dying.

The new Omicron variant is spreading fast as it is more infectious, 70x more than Delta, which was more infectious than the original virus.  It is, however, also a lot less harmful.  The data until now shows it causing symptoms unlikely to require hospitalization.

It is therefore my opinion that there is, from a statistical perspective, no medical reason for our government to be pushing vaccinations/boosters against Omicron.  That the government has decided to push for them anyway (see this government announcement) and push them towards our children, is especially horrifying.

I believe that everyone should be free to go get the vaccine/booster if and when so desired.  Avi, our founder and head of the party, has certainly done so.  The history of the world has seen many nations with overbearing governments, I do not know of a single example where that ended well for that nation.

With love and wishes for a long life to all,

Klaas Bakker,
Party treasurer