When President Trump described the left-wing Jews as either ignorant or disloyal, I watched as the left-wing Jews erupted in self-righteous chest pounding . Let me set the record straight as I understand it.

For the eight years of the Obama administration, I spent much time and effort with the churches and Tea Party groups to explain the threat of the Islamic agenda globally and in America to suppress the democratic systems of all Western countries.

When time came for Q & A, inevitably the first question was “Why do you Jews always vote for the Democrats? We can’t understand it!”

So I explain it as follows: Jews came to America from Day 1 and settled in such places as Providence, RI, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and New Amsterdam (NY.). With the American Revolutionary War, Jews fought patriotically alongside other revolutionaries. On Yom Kippur, 1777, General George Washington came to the Jews of Philadelphia saying, “The revolution is over. We are bankrupt. If you Jews don’t go home and bring us your gold, the British will hang all of us.” So the Jews went home on their holiest day, and brought 30 million dollars of gold bullion from that time and saved the revolution.

On Christmas, 1777, hundreds of Jews stood bivouac so Christians could pray the Christmas services and also protect Valley Forge from the British forces.

In 1803, “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli” Jewish Commodore Uriah P. Levi led the US Navy to defeat the Barbary Pirates.

In the American Civil War there Jewish soldiers in both the Confederacy as well as the Union armies.

So where are all these Jews today in 2019? I told the people in the audience: “You are those Jews.” We intermarried with the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant majority and became Christians. America never killed its Jews nor persecuted them like in Europe.

So who votes Democrat? Today’s Jews are recent newcomers from over the last 100 years. They suffered from the Inquisition, pogroms, expulsions and Holocaust. For them Christianity was considered the enemy. American Jews have no idea who the American Christians are today. They are the most wonderful people on Earth, love the Jews and Israel.

And yet the liberal Jews hate them and prefer to bond with minorities that hate us. So when President Trump refers to ignorance, yes, Jews are ignorant and need to go to church and read the New Testament to be able to get it. And I am not a Christian but I go to churches of all denominations and read the New Testament, and I love the Christians just as they love me and my people.

Jews have a tendency also to cosmopolitanism, universalism, and humanism first and only which does not tolerate patriotism and nationalism which the Christian right and I embrace.

Disloyalty is refusing to get educated in what the majority of America believes in and supporting those values that made America great. So we Jews in our own way bring upon ourselves the animosity of our Christian neighbours and in Europe’s case persecution and Holocaust.

If the Jews don’t get a hold of themselves, the history of Holocausts and persecutions will repeat itself in America as well. Either there will be Holocausts in the worst case scenario, or annihilation of the Jewish people through assimilation and intermarriage. Maybe God almighty wants the Jews to leave America and move to Israel.

Stop blaming President Trump for telling the truth as it is and sharing from the heart of America’s great people.